Accepting Responsibility For Your Shortcomings.

Do you know how easy life would be if we accepted responsibility for our shortcomings instead of apportioning blame?

I would list a few reasons people do not accept responsibility for their shortcomings.

1- It is easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibility.

2- People blame others when they are in an attack mode.

3- Blame is an excellent defense mechanism.

4- People lie; it is easier to blame someone else even though you know you are at fault.

Unfortunately, playing the blame game does not end well. The more you play the blame game, the more you Lose. Learning to tell when you need to own up to your role in a bad situation will help you grow from your experiences and ultimately help you achieve more fulfilling relationships. (Psychology Today, 2021)

A typical biblical example is what happened in the garden of Eden. Adam apportioned all the blame on the woman; he did not take any responsibility in the whole situation; Eve also blamed the serpent. What happened in the garden reveals a lack of accountability for sin. Neither Adam nor Eve could find it within themselves to admit their wrongdoing.

I know of a story wherein the midst of an argument, the husband was asked to leave the house. He left and was gone for quite a while. The song he sang was the woman asked him to leave the house. The big question is, what happened to warrant such a decision? In this scenario, instead of the man accepting responsibility and owning up to his shortcomings, he rather apportioned blame coupled with lies to make him feel better and look good. The irony of this scenario is that the man was done with the relationship way before the incident, his body was present, but his spirit and soul were gone. There had been threats of him wanting out on so many occasions, so you ask yourself what the result of the blame game was going to be?

I pray that we will learn to own up to our shortcomings. Owning up to your flaws and imperfections and the willingness to work on them is a sign of maturity and wanting to evolve into a better version of yourself. Shalom

Adobea, (Imani)

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