Being “Brainwashed” As A Christian.

This is a topic I find so dear to my heart, and if you know me well, you can attest to this. I am so passionate about growth in our faith. I am saddened to see that many Christians are brainwashed, for lack of a better word. I call them lazy Christians, tossed around to and fro because they lack knowledge.

Going to church alone does not make you a Christian, or professing that you are a Christian does not make you one. Early on in my life, I realized just following what I was born into was not enough, so I embarked on the journey of trying to find God for myself, and I am still on that journey.

Lately, I have had several conversations on this topic with a few folks. Unfortunately, they have little to no faith in men of God because of a few personal encounters with them. First, I reminded them these men of God are also human beings like us and are in the same Adamic body we are trapped in; they are not exempted from anything; they are fighting the same battles we are fighting; the problem is we don’t get to know God for ourselves, and we put our trust in them instead of God, we also place them in a box. Hence, the moment they go contrary in character, we write them off.

In the past five or so years, I have had some encounters and conversations with men of God that I immediately had to refute because my spirit was not bearing witness to what they were saying.

I recently had a conversation with someone, and I told them it would be hard for anyone to brainwash me when it comes to my faith. Now, I test all things with the word of God and my perceptions in my inner man. I am developing and growing my spirit to the point where it can hear and be led by God's spirit. I said anything I do is out of will, but not because someone has swayed me into it. Romans 8:16, the spirit himself beareth witness with our spirit.

In summary, I encourage all of us to pursue God and get to know God for ourselves. My sister will always tell me she needed to check everything with God; even when you give her advice, she will tell you she will take it to the Lord in prayer; I never understood her, but now I do. She will always tell me I would know as I grow in the Lord.



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