Bitterness is defined as the anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly

Bitterness is resentment. Bitterness is unforgiveness.

I am currently reading a book by Rick Joyner, the vision, the final quest. This book is taking me forever to read but has been insightful thus far. I would recommend this book to every believer.

Bitterness or unforgiveness is a vehicle by which demonic forces travel into your life and relationships. When you do not forgive, you invite hell into your life. When you forgive, you ask heaven down into your life. Bitterness is a monster; it will destroy your life. Bitterness is practically poison to your soul. It hurts you physically, spiritually, and emotionally

I am pretty sure many of us have been upset and bitter during a particular season in our lives. I certainly have. For me, bitterness propelled me to exhibit specific character traits I never knew I had. Bitterness, if not dealt with, will condemn you, haunt you, and torment you. Anger encourages you to respond to hurt by hurting others and to your torment by oppressing others.

It took me a while to surrender this part to God. I find myself struggling with this very thing, but every day submitting this to him became better than the previous. I have come to a point where I have allowed God to manifest His strength in my weakness.

How have you managed bitterness or unforgiveness?

Father, help us to let go of all bitterness and unforgiveness. Let your grace be sufficient for us. Shalom.

Adobea (Imani)

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