Can Old Wounds Sabotage New Love?

I believe old wounds can sabotage new love if you don’t heal properly. Finding yourself and knowing who you are is paramount.

The other day, I was asking myself a few questions, who is Adobea? I know in part who Adobea is, and I am still fully finding who she is.

From my own experience, going through a particular season, I started listing down a few things of what will be different. I eventually realized I had been erecting walls all this while. One of my mentors tells me, you can’t build and erect these walls; Adobea, if you do, you have given the person complete Power over your life. It is so easy to build walls when trialed and tested.

I have been following Shannon Evette for quite some time now, and she has written a book on worthy where she talks about how old wounds sabotage new love. Yes, old wounds can damage new love. To prevent this from happening, you have first to be whole and complete. Wholeness, as I mentioned earlier, is paramount. You have to enter into a new relationship from a place of wholeness.

Whole relationships require whole thinking; when we bring old baggage into a new relationship, we distort our ability to give and receive love (Shanon Evette). She said when we are touchy, sensitive, and easily triggered at the slightest infractions, we are not free. The statement above spoke to my soul.

A season of solitude, stillness, and restoration after heartbreak is incredibly wise (Shanon Evette). The take-home for me today is to pursue wholeness first so that you do not punish a new person for betrayal and emotional crimes that occurred before their time.



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