Choosing a life partner- A Woman should never pursue a man.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Women are now pursuing men due to broken consciousness. Too many women are in pursuit of men. As RC Blakes puts it, if you make yourself readily available as a woman, your value will drop. Women are now asking men out, giving them their numbers, taking them on a date, etc. Whew, What is going on in the world today?

Broken consciousness stems from not knowing who you are. Your worthiness is distorted. Broken consciousness means you are a sleeping queen. With broken consciousness, something has robbed you of your self-knowledge of who you are. Many women are in the situation they find themselves in because of the distorted knowledge they have about who they are. They have become sleeping queens. Your self-knowledge of who you are becomes the foundation of your reality (R. C Blakes JR).

This is from my own experience. I went above and beyond in relationships and did way more than I should have; this act was done out of who I thought I was, but unfortunately, this part of who I was was preyed on. I honestly realized that I had a distorted sense of who I am and how worthy I am. If you don’t know who you are and your worth, you will settle for anything. I also realized that unconsciously, I was looking for someone to fill all the spaces I had in me, to complete that void and vacuum. I am not sure where I developed this sense of broken consciousness from? I am still on the quest to figure that out.

As the title of this blog clearly states, women, please do not pursue men. Embark on the journey of knowing your self-worth. Every woman is a queen. Women, wake up. Do not lose your identity of who you are and what God says about you. Do not settle for anything out of desperation because you need another man to complete you. You don’t need another man to meet you; you need God. Do not settle for a hog pen when you truly belong to a palace.

God, help us to know our worth, to see who you created us to be. To be queens and enjoy what rightfully belongs to us in the palace. Shalom.

I would encourage you to get this book, Queenology, written by RC Blake’s JR.

Adobea, (Imani)

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