Choosing a life partner- Series 2

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

All my blogs are inspired by my own experiences in life, struggles, and lessons I have learned on my journey; they are pure and authentic from the depths of my soul. Be a blessing in someone else’s life and share. Let these blogs be someone else’s survival guide.

I touched on knowledge yesterday.

You have to invest in acquiring knowledge if you want to succeed in choosing a life partner. It does not end there; you have to keep sharpening what you know even after having a life partner. If in choosing a life partner, the man or woman tells you that he or she does not need anyone to tell them how to marry or doesn’t see the need for pre-marital counseling, you better rethink. That’s a huge red flag.

The partner you choose has to know God; they have to have God in them. There are a lot of counterfeits out there, so you have to be careful and pray for God to help you sift the real ones from the counterfeit ones. Many people profess they know God, but in actuality, that is far from the truth. I am not referring to someone who goes to church (churchgoer).

For you to choose well, you have to have a personal relationship with God yourself. You have to have God in you so you can effectively test their fruits. How do you sift the real from the counterfeit if you are not aware of what you are looking for? It starts with you.

Building a relationship on the foundation of the precepts of God will set the connection apart. Will the storms come? Absolutely? The difference, however, when the storms come will be the God factor. Your head has to have an authority they submit to; there is honestly no argument about that. Let me give a basic example here. A perfect friend who has been so instrumental in my growth wanted to tell me something the other day; he picked it up that I may get offended, so even before he started, he said, let us pray. Would I have been offended, probably, but what set this situation apart was his sharpness in the things of God. He did not give room for any chaos. He knew my weakness, and he didn’t prey on that weakness. He re-routed what May have been a chaotic situation to a very smooth conversation.

Father, I pray that we will all pursue closeness and intimacy with you; we will spend more time in the secret place so we can sift the real ones from the counterfeit. Father, please help us so that we don’t prey on other people‘s weaknesses. Shalom.

Adobea, (Imani)

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