Compassion to End Regret.

According to Oxford Dictionary, regret is defined as a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done (Oxford Dictionary)

So growing up, I wanted to pursue medicine. I remember one of the things my Dad told me when I told him I was getting married was he would have wished for me to pursue my career in medicine before marriage. I gave him all the excuses you could think of at the time. I told him I was in love. I chose love at the time over pursuing medicine. Fast forward, I got married, a few years later, started having kids; I still had the desire to go to medical school, but it became more complex with life happenings. One of my uncles refers to that to date.

I am sure we have all made certain decisions in our lives; and if given a second chance, we will do things differently. Once in a while, the feeling of regret creeps up in my mind on so many other decisions I have made in my life.

As I am evolving into a better version of myself, I have learned to practice self-compassion and end regret. I have come to realize that regrets chain us in the past in a destructive and self-defeating way. Only by releasing old grief can we receive new wisdom (Shanon Evette, Worthy). These old tapes and false regrets are supposed to propel you to grow and gain new wisdom

Life recovery and soul rehabilitation are sacred journeys and so we must disarm past trauma and triggers to live with freedom in the Now. (Shanon Evette, Worthy).

I know a lot of us are living in regrets. I pray that God graces us with the ability to let go of these regrets and past traumas and continue to evolve into better versions of ourselves. Shalom

Adobea, (Imani)

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