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An interview inspired this blog I listened to between Sarah Jakes Roberts and Priscilla Shirer. Priscilla is another great woman of God; her entire family is in ministry. Her family believed in God for a miracle with their mother a couple of years ago; their mom eventually died from cancer. They also had about eight losses back to back within two years.

Priscilla touched on how vulnerable they all can sometimes be, referring to people who dedicate themselves to the things of God. She acknowledged that they, too, are human. Sometimes we put men and women of God on a pedestal, and it almost looks as if they aren’t supposed to go through what an ordinary person should go through. She said there are occasions she has asked God the why’s, but she also acknowledged that we might never fully understand some of the why’s with our journey here on earth.

Some disruptions are divinely orchestrated. My encouragement to all of us today is to pause, take a pause anytime your life is disrupted, or things don’t go as you have planned for them to go. We are too busy with life, and we fail to pause. Not all disruptions are from the devil. Many of us have this mentality of blaming the devil for every bad thing that happens to us. In the pause, you need to wait on God and let Him guide you; ask him what he wants you to do in this particular season. Ask him what lessons he wants you to glean from these disruptions.

I have experienced this in my own life. As I always refer to myself as being ambitious, I will do whatever I can within my power to get whatever I want if I want something. My friends and family will undoubtedly attest to this, I mean those who know me very well. Lately, with a few happenings in my life, I realized that there is the permissive Will of God and the perfect will of God. When God permits, I will blog on the difference between the two.

A few years ago, I decided in my life to go on a particular course. The numerous setbacks and disruptions I faced in this season were mind-blowing, but I fought with all I had to make it happen (permissive Will). I am sure God was tired of me; he granted me that will. The disruptions kept coming; this time, I had no choice but to pause and enquire because I was heading to a very, very wrong path, one which would have robbed me of my glory completely. I just had to pause. The beauty in the pause is that I have realized that this season of my life is the best thus far. It has allowed me to pursue God; it has also aligned me to my purpose and destiny.

I say the above to encourage all of us to pause and inquire from God when faced with disruptions. I pray that we will have the strength to stay during these times to ask what God is teaching us or what he wants us to do.

This is the book below if anyone is interested. Shalom. Dr. Tony Evans and 4 more

Divine Disruption: Holding on to Faith When Life Breaks Your Heart

Adobea, (Imani)

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