Don’t Leave A Relationship Because of Another Man or Woman .

During a particular season of my life, I was compelled to leave a relationship for several reasons. One of them was the fact that there was a shoulder which, at the time, seemed better to cry on; I made mention of this very thing in my book, destiny chaser, how I almost missed destiny and purpose.

My counselor will tell you that this is not the best way to measure love. He is right. I was also in a season where this same shoulder accused me of many things. I remember telling him that Adobea would never repeat the mistakes through my experiences with him. I also used to say to him that it would shock him to know in the future that all his assumptions would be but a dream. I have a whole paragraph on assumptions in a relationship in my book. I love this famous saying now that I know better, I will do better

From my experience and what I know now, leaving a relationship has to be contention with my DESTINY. If the situation does not contend with my destiny or who God has called me to be, if it allows me to walk in the full manifestation of my calling and no one will die in the process, then, by all means, work it out. I will not miss my destiny in Leau of a bad relationship. This blog is not by any means encouraging anyone to leave their relationships; it is, however, emphasizing the fact that, if you do leave a relationship, don’t leave because you feel another man or woman will be the answer


Imani. The assignment (Authenticity unlocks many great doors)

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