Don’t Marry Him/Her If They Exhibit These 14 Things.

Be sure to watch the little video below for more clarification.

1- They don’t have God in them, meaning they don’t submit to God And they don’t have a personal relationship with God, please know there is a difference.

2- They do not listen to anyone

3- They are narcissist

4- They are perfect in their ways and they do nothing wrong

5-They are opinionated

6-They are proud

7-They think marrying you is a favor to you.

8-They look down on you and compare you to other people

9-They are in-secured

10-They are vindictive, they do not easily let go,

11-They do not show grace and mercy

12-They do not want to grow

13-They are quick to condemn

14-Their most popular slogan is this is how they are or have always been. It’s a sign of immaturity



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