Drama is inevitable; How to avoid drama

When I was a child, I thought and spoke like a child, and now that I am grown, I try to think and speak like an adult. I am not sure if I am right in saying that drama is inevitable in this life's journey. There is drama at the workplace, drama at home, drama in churches. Unfortunately, there is drama everywhere.

According to Rose cruse, former content writer at

freelancing, Drama exists in everyone’s life, but we have a choice to the amount of drama we allow in our lives. A lot of people constantly strive for peace and happiness, and yet they find they are not content, and they will instead entangle themselves in unnecessary drama because that's what they enjoy.

Do yourself a favor by doing these things to avoid drama in life. Life in itself can be messy and complicated, so living your life around drama is the last thing you want to do.

1. Value your time

Time is so precious, and you ought to value it. It would help if you used the time you had for meaningful things. As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt, but only if you let it; it also fosters creativity. If you have time on your hands, let go of all the old interest you had that brought about drama. Use that time to co-create and let something meaningful come out of that.

2. Define the relationship

You are in charge of the relationship, and you need to define it yourself.

You need to have a zero-tolerance policy for people who cross the line, and that will include even loved ones. You need to choose peace over anything that does not bring glory to God.

3. Be goal-oriented

You got to be goal oriented; surround yourself with goals instead of people. Set big goals and leave no room for drama. Constantly chase Something that demands that you outdo your best and grow in the process. For me, learning who God is and the yearn for a closer relationship with him, journaling, working out, and staying fit are some of the things I do to keep out of the unnecessary drama. Keeping to myself is another excellent tool I use. Lately, anything that takes my peace away and does not glorify God has to go. I do not have time for drama; time is just too precious.

4. Meditate

life is busy, and you have to make it a point to spend time aside every day to meditate; I will recommend meditating on the word of God. Breath in and out every few minutes if you can, and subdue all the negative thoughts that keep rolling through your mind. This is primarily to my Christian brothers and sisters, who try and emulate the character traits of Christ. I honestly can not fathom the Christian religion at times. I have too many questions.

I pray that God will help us be more like him; we will die to our flesh daily and only allow things in our lives that bring him alone glory. Shalom.

Adobea (Imani)

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