Emotional Maturity- What Is It?

Emotional maturity is when one can manage their emotions no matter the circumstances; emotional maturity allows you to respond to challenging situations and still keep your cool or keep your emotions under check. Emotional maturity is a skill that has to be worked on, over time, just like the other fruits of the spirits.

In a particular season of my life, I realized I had become sensitive to many things. I allowed myself to get worked up over now; I call it useless and senseless utterances. I was unaware that mastering your emotions under these circumstances was emotional maturity. However, I knew I had no peace or joy.

I heard a man of God speak on offense recently, and he said being offended is a choice. We ought to refuse to give others power over our life’s. Don’t allow someone else’s insignificant actions to cause you to step out of character

Usually, people's attitude has everything to do with their internal wars and historical storms, and once you grasp that, you learn grace. I look back now, and I often ask myself this question, why did I allow another person‘s actions and insecurities to move me out of Character? When I learned that my peace and joy was far more critical, I began to respond and move differently, and that is by far one of the best things I did for myself. Mastering the art of emotional intelligence will not come in a day; master it over time. Emotional maturity is not just a goal; it’s a practice of life



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