I have been through several seasons in my life where I had high expectations. Unfortunately, when these expectations were not met, it turned into disappointment, and later anger and resentment brewed.

I believe God is taking me through another season of my life, which I call the illumination season and the school of the spirit. This particular season has allowed me to see God in ways I never saw before. I go through challenges that would have warranted me to react differently. My understanding of life now is different from the prior seasons of my life.

This season is also the season I call becoming, i.e., becoming the best version of who God created me to become, that kingdom woman, a better wife, and mother. Sister and friend. This season will throw all kinds of challenges at you, requiring you to react in a way that glorifies God, the person you are chasing after. It can be a lonely season. During this season, I questioned myself many, many times. Is this Adobea because you almost look like a fool when you want to become. Emulating the true nature of who Christ will make you sometimes look like a fool in society.

Back To the heading of my blog today, this season of becoming has taught me to have fewer expectations, and whatever you do unto others, you do it not unto them but God. It is then that you freely pour out into others, withholding nothing and without growing weary. Society will tell you to do quite the opposite, but the word of God says otherwise .



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