Finding Rest

Usually, my blog posts are motivated by solid yearnings in my spirit.

Today, in particular, I was not getting any leading or yearning on anything. I talked to a loved one and expressed that I wasn't getting the yearn to write on anything, so I said, maybe God does not want me to write on anything. He told me, then don't write, obey.

Immediately we finished the conversation, the word rest resonated in my spirit. In this season of my life, I have realized that obedience is everything, In my previous seasons, I have gone before the Lord, and I am still gleaning from those lessons, and going before the Lord is not an option for me anymore. I want to choose the perfect will of God any day over the permissive will of God. Today's write-up encourages each of us to learn to find rest when it is needed.

I pray for anyone reading this blog that we find rest whenever needed. Shalom


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