Girl, Get Back Up For Your Worth Is Non- Negotiable

I have a section in my book that talks about how many married couples smile publicly, but sadly there is so much pain, sadness, and hurt in their homes. I am not sure where you find yourself, and I am by no means advocating for divorce

I am, however, advocating for finding your value and your self-worth. You have to know who you are and who’s you are. The blog is also by no means advocating for anyone to be arrogant but to be aware of what you carry.

I have been there, that broken conscious mentality, I had it. The need of filling a void in you and looking at the wrong places for that void to be filled, I had it. As I journeyed on, I realized this feeling of emptiness and void in my life was an error for me to look up to man to fill that void. I needed to renew my mind and embark on finding out who Adobea is and how worthy I am. You have so much potential in you, so girl, get up no matter the circumstances. Knowing who you are and who’s you are will help you focus on the price that is ahead. I heard a preacher say that you can find your worth in God, which will take singing a different song to what society sings. What God whispers in your ears is opposite to what the world whispers, so you have to be prepared to be different from the world.



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