Healing From Trauma, Is There A Timeline?

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event. The answer is no; there is no set timeline associated with healing from trauma. It can take some people days to weeks, months to years.

Ultimately, it is the Lord who heals, and again there is no timeline to when he heals; however, I know if you allow him, let go, and let him, he will heal you speedily and restore unto you everything you have lost.

To fully move into the new, you must forget the old things; you must remember them not. Isaiah 48:19 talks about the Lord doing a new item; however, in chapter 18, he says, remember not the former things neither consider the things of old. This simply means we have to forget the old and remember not the former things before we can see the full manifestation of the new and beautiful things the Lord is doing in our lives.

The power of taking your life back after trauma, as mentioned earlier, is different for everyone. I also believe that it lies in your hands. you hold the keys of willingly allowing God to transform your mind. A little crying, a little sobbing, and a little self-pity are okay, but I believe and personally know that there is no need to wallow in the pain for too long. I will, however, encourage healing from trauma at your own pace. If it takes days to weeks, months to years to get there, do so.

In a particular season of my life, I didn’t allow myself to heal correctly; truth be told, I did not even involve God in this process, I did it my way, and I paid the consequences.

The difference for me this time in everything I do is the God factor. So far, it has made a difference in everything I do. I am developing my spirit man to the point that my spirit will always bear witness to the nature of God. I recently told someone that if you tell me something and I don’t perceive it in my spirit, I will not go with it. I am glad I have taken to this stance; although it hasn’t been long, the perceptions I get from my spirit man have not failed me yet.

In conclusion, there is no timeline for healing from trauma. It's Your choice to wallow in the pain or shake the dust off your feet, head high and move on.



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