How Are You Moving In This New Season?

I hope you are moving differently in this new season of your life. I urge you to do so if you are not doing so already. In this new season of your life, pursue God’s timing, not yours, pursue God’s will, not yours, pursue God’s plan, not yours, seek God’s glory and not yours.

I used to force things to be. I used to do things with my might and strength. I pursued everything I wanted fiercely, and no matter the obstacles, I kept pushing for my way. I am sure God got tired of me, he granted me that permissive will, but it came with a price. The perfect will of God also comes with a price, but it's a different kind of price. Choose which price you want to pay.

We are about to usher into a new year, as you write down your new year resolution about body goals, health goals, financial goals, etc. Also, write down patterns of things that have not yielded promising results, ask God to help you change these patterns. Invite God to be in every aspect of your life in this season.

Don't please men, don't shrink and conform to society. Know your worth and your identity in God. Don't settle for anything; avoid drama in this new season. There is a higher calling for all of us, and I urge us to strive towards this higher calling.


Adobea, (Imani)

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