How Can Women Help Their Husbands Lead?

We know husbands are supposed to be spiritual leaders, but wives have to make this as seamless as possible. A wife’s role in encouraging her husband is one of her highest callings.

Wives are supposed to be helpers to their husbands. For a husband to thrive as a leader, there has to be a willing follower. Some men will not lead; I am not entirely sure if it’s their nature or they don’t know-how. In this instance, the woman can step up so the ship does not sink. However, this has to be executed carefully and with wisdom.

A respectful follower strengthens a spiritual leader. Many men do not know how to love their wives, and women are often disrespected. I was in a season where I found myself fighting for this right. I could not stand being disrespected and talked down on; it did something to me; it rubbed me off wrong.

In this season of wholeness and finding my worth, I have come to realize that the husband's God-given position of authority and the woman’s God-given duty to reverence him are not negotiable. Wow, it can be a hard pill to swallow if you don’t understand spiritual things. It was a hard pill for me to swallow in a particular season of my life.

Although this does not mean husbands should disrespect their wives, if you perhaps find yourself in such a situation, the mandate is to continue to give respect, remember Christ is the focus, and whatever you do is unto the Lord. If you sincerely want to prevent this, you have to choose well.

A follower with needs motivates a spiritual leader. It can work for many women but not for some independent women. If you are an independent woman and you find yourself doing everything because that is what you are used to, you must deliberately learn to take a step back. Most men will more readily take on leadership when a need is identified and brought to them for a solution.

I found this very profound; Adam and Eve’s sin undermined the wife's willing submission and the husband's loving leadership. The excellent news is when Jesus Christ came into the world, He broke the power of sin for those who believe in His name and receive His gift of salvation, therefore Only in Christ can the wife’s willing submission and the husband’s loving leadership be restored. (Institute In Basic Life Principle, 2021). No wonder there is chaos in many homes today.

Heavenly Father, I pray that the focus in our relationships and marriages will be on you and you alone. Father, please grace women with spiritual insights to help their husbands lead


Adobea, (Imani)

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