How I Felt Betrayed- Love Always Protects, Always Trust, Always Hopes, Always Perseveres.

I am Still on the matter of love. The heading of today's blog is relatively self-explanatory. All the attributes are so dear to my heart, but this one, in particular, resonates with me a lot

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I was forced to research what love truly meant when I was going through a particular season. This is a season where I was disgraced with accusations upon accusations; I was sold out to family and friends. The records of wrongs were enormous. I had to question what manner of love I was extending; for me, I was weary and angry at the situation, I changed the way I moved. One lesson is love perseveres no matter what, and that is something I will do differently in my next relationship.

The goal of this person was to score points. Unfortunately, one does not score points by pulling someone else down into the gutters; it doesn’t work like that, especially to someone they claim they loved deeply. I had to question love. My mind could not fathom a Lot of things. On the other hand, I was not surprised because man's heart is desperately wicked. The plans and devices of the enemy did not come to fruition.

God’s type of love protects. That is, it watches out for others. It withstands difficulty. And, if there is a shortcoming or fault in the loved one, love can cover it. Proverbs 10:12 talks about how hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers all wrongs. When someone wrongs you, you correct them, but you do so in love. Your aim in life should never be to prove a point. Love is not based on selfish desire or mutual benefit; instead, it seeks the other person's benefit. Love aims to give rather than receive.



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