I Like Me Better When I Am With Jesus.

I saw this statement on a Christian community group I belong to, The Sanctuary. Wow, I like me better when I am with Jesus. I don’t know how many of you can relate.

I have been yearning for the things of God more. We need God in us more than ever before. He says when we draw nearer to him, he will draw nearer to us. Being with Jesus makes you different; you move differently, you talk differently, you think differently, and you even walk differently. When you are true with Jesus, you try as much as possible to emulate the character of Jesus; take note of you try as much as possible because it’s a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit. It’s such a beautiful thing when you are with him.

I look back, and honestly, things that will set me off don’t set me off as much anymore. The craving of wanting the void I had in me to be filled by someone else has dwindled significantly. Most importantly, I have peace and joy with Jesus. He makes all things fall in pleasant places at the right time.

My spiritual covering has a way he does things with me; anytime I get into the flesh too much, he will jokingly say, he does not want to deal with the spirit of Adobea; I don’t know if he is even aware, but that statement does something to me each time he says it, it puts me on course. Personally. It reminds me to allow the spirit of God to take absolute control in whatever situation or circumstance. It is my prayer and hopes that we like ourselves better when we are with the Lord.



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