Ignoring Red Flags In A Relationship

Relationship red flags are likely relationship problems that ensue with time. Many married couples to date, if they will be sincere, will tell how ignoring relationship red flags can be costly.

Often there are red flags or warning signs that this isn’t the right partner for you; learning how to spot these red flags can help you avoid a heartbreaking or dysfunctional relationship in the future.

These are some relationship red flags, inability to resolve conflict, difficulty sharing your feelings, lying, abuse of any kind, conceding instead of compromising, you can't be yourself, control.

I wonder why we ignore these red flags?

Infatuation is one reason, the wonderful euphoric feeling you get when you first fall in love can usually cloud your judgment. Euphoric feelings are hormones released by the body that gives the body, if you will, a natural high.

These powerful chemicals create an intense attraction that’s hard to resist, and they help bond you to a new partner. They make you feel so good, connected, and loved that it’s hard to see red flags or that your partner has any flaws at all.

Moving too quickly is another reason. When you move too quickly, you don't give yourself enough time to pick up on these red flags.

We get stuck in wishful thinking, you want the relationship to work so bad, and you wish your partner will change, so you ignore these red flags

We miss red flags because we don't trust our judgment, or we see the red flags to be minimal.

I will encourage my loyal readers not yet married to pay attention to red flags when dating and during courtship. You will save yourself from a whole lot of future turmoil. Shalom

Adobea (Imani)

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