Judging Others- I was so good at this until….

Once upon a time, I was very good at judging others. I listened to a Preaching by Joyce Myers a few years ago where she would sit at the mall and judge everyone that passed by, mainly by the clothes they wear and their physical appearance. When she understood what Christianity was about, she quickly renewed her mindset.

I have encountered several people and primarily Christians, who are pretty judgmental. A Christian friend once told me her friends are only Christians. I looked at her and said she had missed the whole reason she is a Christian; I said to her, if your friends ought to be just Christians, you have missed the mark because being like Christ is not about that. I told her perhaps she did not understand her calling.

I am a Christian but growing up; my best friend was a Muslim. My boss is a Muslim, the Doctor who trained me is a Muslim, and my good friends are Muslims. I once reached out to a Christian Ghanaian doctor when I needed my clinical. He told me he couldn’t help me. A foreign Muslim Doctor from Pakistan is the one who took me under her wings, and the provider I am today has become possible because of what she did for me.

I used to be one of the most significant critiques until life put me in certain situations; perhaps this was a lesson for me to get out of that mindset. Sometimes I find myself fighting with this very thing but am too aware that it’s not an excellent fruit to bear as a child of God, so I quickly renew my mind anytime I battle with it with the help of the Holy Spirit. I will not condone sin, but I know for a fact that it’s not my place to judge the alcoholic, the prostitute, the person who has an addiction to pornography, the womanizer, the thief, etc.

I have been privileged to work with all these people mentioned above. I have worked in prison before. I say privileged because until you are faced with some of these challenges or encounter these people, you can never show Grace and Mercy. I have interviewed them; no one in their right frame of mind gets up and tells themselves they want to be alcoholics, prostitutes, or have certain addictions. Life struggles put them there; some of them are fighting generational battles. For some reason, I am so passionate about this topic.

Some people will argue and say God commands that we do not associate with unbelievers or be unequally yoked with them. I know that my good friends are Muslims, it doesn’t mean I will convert to become a Muslim. My Muslim friends taught me giving, and this is a kingdom secret that most Christians don’t practice.

I know most of my readers are Bible scholars, Pastors, etc.; what are your thoughts on judging others?

How does, do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers tie into all of this?

I know for sure that when it comes to relationships or marriage, I would not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever; if possible, the person's faith in God has to be higher than mine. That is one of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life’s journey about marriage. Marriage either puts you on the path to fulfilling destiny or vice versa, and it is not something you want to joke with

Adobea (Imani)

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