Letting Go Of The Ashes.

When I initially started writing my blogs, I would write a lot about my experiences, and I still do because that is the purpose of this assignment. I need to be raw and authentic. I need to be vulnerable and tell the story as it is.

A friend once said to me, “AA, I enjoy reading your blogs; I look forward to reading them every day,” however, he thought I was reliving the past. I told him it was just a season, and the past had to be relived in a way to fulfill the assignment. I also told him that the season of retelling the story would pass. I have to take that back because I will have to tell my story as part of my purpose. I will have to tell the story to bring hope and for others to glean from every lesson.

I would experience temporary pain when I first started writing. I asked God to help me so that I don’t write the blogs out of pain, or I don’t make them about me because it will defeat the whole purpose of this assignment. I needed to let go of the ashes so that the beauty in this could manifest. I needed to get to a point where I don’t experience pain when I tell and write about my story.

Letting go of the ashes is a process. I will be lying to you if I tell you I have let go of the ashes entirely, but I can certainly tell you that I am nowhere near where I used to be. It gets better every day. Part of our restoration process is that God gives us beauty for ashes, but we must be willing to provide him with all the ashes. Isaiah 61:3

To let go of the ashes completely, you have to allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow them away to where you can not find them again. Your new day has no room for grieving over the ashes of the past. It is going to be a process but a goal worth achieving.

I pray that as I am learning to allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow all the ashes away, any of my loyal readers who have to let go of all their ashes will do so with ease for the full manifestation of the beauty. Shalom


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