Listen more, talk less.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Listening is a good attribute we should all desire for. Have you ever found yourself talking while others are? We are often so desperate to get our points across and prove a point that we forget just to stay still and listen. I am guilty of this.

You get so much more when you listen. You get to know the actual intent of people when you listen more. We do this with God. We go to Him in prayer with all our needs and don‘t wait to hear from him.

Sometimes all we have to do is go before him and listen, and you do this by staying still in his presence. Taking time to listen and hear from God is a must if we want to have a closer relationship with him. “A busy, hurried, frantic, stressful lifestyle makes it very challenging to hear the lord, “ Joyce Meyer.

Let's make a conscious effort to listen more in our relationships and our dealings with humankind.

Sometimes you don’t have to talk; you just have to listen.

We should make an effort to find a place to be quiet before God if we pursue to hear his voice.

Lord, help us to listen more and talk less. Please help us to make time in stillness to hear from you.


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