Love Is Kind.

The Oxford dictionary defines love as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Kindness is characterized by benevolence and tenderness. A kind person helps others and does so with sympathy and consideration.

God is kind, and therefore, we ought to be kind. You can not be loving and unkind at the same time.

An act of kindness goes a long way. People with attitudes rob me of wrong. After I blogged about love being patient, my patience was tested. Still, I held it together, no need for details; I am glad I reminded myself that I was going to practice patience, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I overcame.

Today choose to be patient and desire to be kind. Have empathy for your fellow human beings; decide to be understanding and caring. Stop being judgmental. Be kind to those in need, like the homeless, pay it forward at the drive-through.

I pray we will choose kindness with the help of the Holy Spirit. I pray that the Lord will fill us with His love so that we might be kinder, more forgiving people for His glory.



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