Make Space For What Matters

What matters to you?

I am confident that a lot of us have different priorities in life. Despite our priorities, we encounter all sorts of things along life's journey. If you are not careful, these things will throw you for a loop and veer you off course.

To live the life you want, you have to get rid of anything that is not drawing you closer to your dream; this could be anything from items to human beings. Making space for that which matters could involve letting go, and it is painful to let go sometimes. About five months ago, I perceived it in my spirit to rearrange my closet. I had to get rid of many clothes, some I held on to because they brought sweet memories, but I needed to obey and just let them go. Around that time, I also perceived that the Lord was doing a new thing in my life, and some of the old had to go.

I do not do well with clutter; any space I find myself in has to be free of clutter. I function well in such an environment. my entire demeanor and attitude change if I come home from a hard day of work to meet chaos. My kids think I have OCD. I do not have an obsessive-compulsive disorder; that is just how I thrive. I thrive well in order. Outside of the home, I try to finagle my way around because I don’t control what happens outside of my house as much as I do in my house. Having a mental clarity to function matters to me, so I have to make room to thrive in that area

There was so much disorder in some seasons of life I was not thriving. I realized my peace was far more critical, so I had to let some things go. To move on in life, you have to make space for what matters. Don’t focus on what you get rid of; focus on what you keep.



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