Make Today A Great Day.

Today, start your day well.

Today, communicate with your maker.

Be thankful for how far he has brought you.

The fact that you woke up today is enough.

If there are lessons to learn from yesterday, excellent; if not, put yesterday behind you and look forward to a great day.

There are many things we wish could have changed in our lives; some we have control over, others we don’t. Let God take the wheel today. Don’t stress over things you can’t change. Trust the author of your life. His name is God.

God has given us free will; he doesn’t impose himself on us. You have to invite him into your affairs, and I can guarantee that he will turn things around for you. Today, choose to allow God to fight your battles; today, decide to pursue him more and every day.

That family member, friend, or colleague at the workplace who irritates you and is out for you, don’t pay them any mind. Allow God to handle that side of things for you. Perhaps, if you feel overwhelmed today, don’t worry, quiet down, take some time out, meditate on all the beautiful things the Lord has done for you. Remember the times you overcame.



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