My Conversation With God Regarding My Kingdom Spouse.

There were a few things I told God about my kingdom spouse. I had a long list of things I would never do again. I gave him the speck of the man I wanted. A man after his heart who was passionate about the things of God, Tall, handsome, etc., the first on the list was one who intimately knew God. I knew that would make a difference because of who I realized Adobea is and where I was coming from. As Sarah Jakes puts it, you need to marry a rider; you need to marry someone who will go down with you to hell and help you take all the devil stole from you and help you break generational curses.

One thing I wasn’t going to do was to stay outside of the Will of God and go before him this time. I was willing to wait even if it meant waiting forever. My kids would tell me, mom, if you are going to do this again, make sure you go for a sugar daddy; go figure. I put my kids through a lot as well, but I knew as God was rewriting my story, he was rewriting theirs too

I remember one of my mentors used to tell me that if I withheld anything in my next because of what I had been through, then I would have given the man power over my life forever. He says to me you got to give love another chance, pay attention to the red flags, but you got to give love a chance. he said you have to show love and withhold nothing

The first attribute of my kingdom spouse had to be a man who knew God, who had God in him, who had a personal relationship with God, and who feared God. Who referenced God and submitted to him. This makes all the difference; trust me, this doesn’t mean problems will not ensue; they will. Also, beware of counterfeits because there are many counterfeits out there. Many of them come as sheep in wolf’s clothing.

I wasn’t ready to compromise my number one on my list, a genuinely God-fearing man. One would ask, how would you know? You would know by their fruit.

I would choose that any day over a man who will come with all the money in the world. Money can not buy my integrity, self-worth, and who I truly am in Christ Jesus.

This time I wasn’t ready to choose a man but to choose the right one, who would understand my struggles, and weaknesses and pour the right kind of love into me as I do the same. One who will allow God to teach him how to love me. The man I was married to wasn’t a bad person; Unfortunately, he did not have the capability or capacity to watch me evolve into the woman God has called me to be with all the challenges that came with it

During those painful seasons of my life. I was able to find who I am. Who is Adobea?

After doing some soul searching and staying in the secret place, I knew I needed a genuine man of God who would understand my battles, flaws, and weaknesses to do life with.

The blog on this matter will continue when God permits.



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