My Testimony.

Why is Adobea so passionate about relationships and marriage? You have to find out from grabbing a copy of my book Destiny Chaser, how I almost missed destiny and purpose.

Grab a copy of my book because it’s going to be full of life’s lessons. A dear Aunty told me recently that she has been married for a while and still finds herself gleaning from some of my messages and blogs. The journey of marriage teaches you something different every day. Do I regret certain seasons of my past? My flesh will sincerely tell you, yes, but my inner man will tell you otherwise because I am who I am today due to those seasons.

One of the people who pushed me to do more and be better each day the other day said, “Adobea, thank you for bringing hope to the hopeless” This and many other positive utterances affirm my calling of bringing hope to the hopeless. Anticipate for Destiny Chaser, how I almost missed destiny and purpose



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