Nothing Left To Prove.

Are you tired of cycles? Are you tired of going round in circles trying to prove a point? Trying to prove who is right? Are you tired of always being regarded as the bad guy? Are you tired of the blame game? The narcissistic abuse? Are you tired of the drama? Are you tired of bad energy?

In this life’s journey, you have to tell when the writings are clear on the wall. Usually, the writings are clear on the wall way before they truly manifest. You don’t need a rocket scientist to help you tell when the writings are clear. At this stage, you realize there is nothing to prove. The stage where you recognize others are just playing the victim, and they enjoy doing so is when you let go, even if it means being the bad guy.

I was in a season where the writings were quite clear in a particular situation way before they manifested. Unfortunately, the victim kept playing the victim. Eventually, after many confirmations and having concluded that there was nothing left to prove, I decided to be the bad guy. I decided to be the bad guy to save everyone from the emotional trauma, lies, and roller coaster of uncertainty.

Perhaps, if you find yourself in the cycles I mentioned above, you have to break loose from them. It's almost the end of another year; try not to go into 2022 with such baggage. Strive to go into 2022 whole to continue to evolve into a better version of yourself. Focus on the completion of your God-given assignment.

“Every morning we are met with new mercies, refuse to allow an undisciplined or prideful mind to rob you of the prosperity and race of completion” (Shannon Evette)


Adobea, (Imani)

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