Prayer Works

One of my resolutions this year is to spend more time with God in prayer. I have had a few significant happenings in my life where I needed to pray. Prayer shouldn’t have been the last resort for me. It should have been a daily thing, but unfortunately, in those seasons, I used prayer as the last resort

I have a personal testimony; I will not give any details to these circumstances; I needed help in certain situations in my life. These prayers were not ordinary. These were prayers that I prayed while I cried my eyes out; I mean the kind of prayer that you pray where your tears and your snot all mix. That was the kind of prayer. The ones that you tell God that you are tired and that you need a sign? And for him to show up? Those prayers. My prayers have been answered almost immediately in these situations, and that tells me that if I make prayer a lifestyle, I will receive mind-blowing answers and testimonies.

Your prayers don’t have to be the way I described mine above, I was just desperate for answers, and so my heart and my body all did the crying unto the Lord. Yours can be just simple prayers. I urge and encourage us all to spend more time with the Lord in prayer because prayer works. Let prayer be part of who you are in this season of your life. According to Philippians 4:6, we ought not to worry about anything but pray about everything.



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