Present Suffering, Future Glory.

I had a beautiful conversation about ministry work yesterday, and I was telling her how difficult it is to do ministry work.

She said something profound her pastor said that if God called you, he would give you what it takes to persevere; he said if God has not called you, you can’t do ministry work

When I started blogging, some thought it wouldn’t last, some thought the blogs were written out of desperation and pain, but I kept going because I knew what I heard. There are times the views will be minor, but I kept pushing. I knew if one or two people read my blogs, it has still fulfilled its purpose. I also knew God himself would send it to those who needed it. A few of my friends called me and told me they thought it wouldn’t last but then realized I kept going; one said he realized I wasn’t playing, and another said God was in it. To the glory of God, a book has been born out of such a simple obedience

Ministry work can be lonely. Sometimes you ask all kinds of questions, but the beauty is the Holy Spirit usually strengthens you. I want to encourage my loyal readers today our, Present Suffering is our Future Glory. Romans 8:18 says, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us, “ so if God has asked you to do something, press on and persevere, knowing the glory lies ahead



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