Put Your Trust In The Right Place.

I will be the first to admit that there have been seasons in my life where I have not put my trust in the right place. Putting your trust in the right place means putting all your trust in God.

I put so much trust in people in certain seasons of my life that, unfortunately, left me disappointed. Personally, it was for people to fill this strange void I had. It took me a while to realize that putting your trust in things other than God is a recipe for disaster always.

Some have put their trust in chariots and horses, jobs, employers, bank accounts, friends and family, and perhaps themselves. These are all temporal. There are different stages to this life, summarized beautifully in my blog on times and seasons. Times and seasons change; God is the only one who changes not.

Let us all choose to trust the lord and let him be God in every situation we find ourselves in. Putting your trust in the Lord pays marvelous dividends (Joyce Meyer)



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