Reaction I Got After I Blogged About My Relationship With My Ex-Husband

I love authenticity. God has been unlocking many great doors for me when I decided to be authentic and vulnerable for him to use me for His Glory. Many people read meanings into that blog; some said my ex had been vindicated. The drive for the blog was to bring awareness and emphasize the importance of letting go, especially when children are involved, but sadly bits and pieces were taken as usual. Emphasis was also placed on growth, he had some bad character traits, and he needed to work on them. Looking back, we all needed to work on areas of our life’s

Let me clear the air in today's blog; I have no regret whatsoever exiting at the time I did because no one wants to live under the subjection of, for lack of a better word, physical misconduct. Going through various seasons in life, the lesson I have learned, though, is patience. Patience to wait on the lord, not man, patience to stay in the lord for a better healing process and a journey of knowing your worth. The most important lesson for me through any season of turmoil in marriage where separation is necessary is to enjoy your single season, build intimacy with God, get to know who you are in God, work on your character trait, and God himself will help you discern the person you can do destiny with. This particular season of my life has allowed to me figure out who Adobea is and to gain insight into the negative character trait that I have to work on personally

Honest advice to my single men and women, and anyone going through marital issues, do not pour love to anyone in your broken season. Heal and be made whole first. In your brokenness, you can’t see. Your judgment is clouded and what you do at that moment is you pour out emotions, not love. You can’t measure love in your brokenness. I have had many men approach me, and I keep telling them I am on a healing journey because I need to be whole, sound, and healthy to pour out the right kind of love. I am not desperate for a man. I am desperate to fulfill destiny and purpose with the right man. Building intimacy with God ought to be number one on your list.



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