Seeing People as God Sees Them.

Let us pray. Father, I pray that you take absolute precedence in today’s blog. I pray that the words I write will not be from me but you. I pray that I will touch on just what you want me to touch on, so that lives will be affected as you are already doing. Amen

This topic is dear to my heart and has been heavy on my heart for a few days. A lot of believers these days are selfish and self-centered. One of the ways to serve God is to help others. When we reach out to others, God reaches out to us and takes care of us.

I have come across many incidences where we write people off, which breaks my heart. It is easy to judge and criticize other people but what you ought to do instead is to love them. There is no fulfillment in writing people off because of a thing or two they did? Unfortunately, this is human nature but if we say we believe in God, then we must do better.

I came across a post this morning on my cousin's page, and it read, many Christians grow up in church, but they never grow in Christ. They know hymns, but they don‘t know him. What a sad truth and a problem the church has? I have had so much positive feedbacks with my blogs, and I am glad that I have availed myself for God to use me in this area. I have also seen not too many but few behaviors exhibited by people, and it truly makes you question the mantle we carry.

God wants us to show mercy to other people, the same mercy he has shown us. Mercy triumphs over judgment. It is impossible to be selfish and happy at the same time. Joy comes when we reach out to others with the love of God. We were not created to be selfish; we were created to reach out.

Today, let us ponder on Philippians 2:4

Father, help us so that we see other people as you see us. Shalom

Adobea (Imani)

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