Still Becoming.

I have experienced different seasons of my life and this particular season is one I don’t take lightly. This season is when I finally realized that enough is enough, enough of the cycles and patterns, enough of the limitations and disappointments. I realized that the keys to my becoming are in my hands.

Becoming is beautiful, and we should all strive for that. Becoming means growth, recognizing your shortcomings, allowing yourself to be taught. Becoming is evolving into the best version of yourself. What are we living for if we don’t become who God created us to be?

My priorities have changed as I continue to evolve. In becoming, you have to first embark on the journey of self-worth. Shannon Evette‘s book on self-worth has helped me tremendously in this particular season of my life. Know who’s you are. You are a child of God. You were created in his image. He fearfully and wonderfully made you. Continue to live your highest calling. Don’t stop becoming.



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