Stop looking for the right person.

I had a beautiful conversation with my husband recently. I told him one of the greatest lessons I have learned with the help of the Holy Spirit is to learn to be the right person and stop looking for the right person; this has been the most significant illumination this season and on my journey to becoming.

Specific keys can only be unlocked when you allow God to take you through the school of the spirit. It’s not a rosy process, but once you allow yourself to go through the furnace, you liberate yourself.

I have had to ask for wisdom from Elohim to teach me how to live with my husband and how to love him. The Holy Spirit is by far the best teacher. I will recommend grabbing a copy of being led by the spirit of God by Kenneth Hagin, which was recommended to me by my husband. God has used him in mind-blowing ways to help me on my journey; I always tell him that I am not sure he even knows the magnitude of his impact on my life.

You can't fulfill destiny and purpose without going through the school of the spirit. There is a saying that goes like this; you attract what you are, so take a pause, take a step back, assess your life, ask for help from God to give you the keys you need to unlock your old self, make room for the new and be that person you want to see in your partner.


Imani Fredricks Gyasi Mensah.

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