Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Have you ever felt you have been robbed?

Have you ever felt you have to take matters into your own hands?

I will be the first to admit.

Taking matters into your hands and fighting your way can be costly. It robs you of your peace and joy.

When I understood total surrender, my liberation began. I began to have innate peace and joy. I started to glow. See, the difference this time is I decided to let go and let God.

“Surrendering is not just giving up, it’s letting go of FRUITLESS battles and radically accepting reality, surrendering is an act of self-care”

Spiritual surrender is the best way to surrender; it’s an act of faith, it’s keeping hope alive by choosing defeat over death. Surrender is to let go of control and trust God; surrendering is a real blow to the flesh.

I know I am not alone; many of us are holding onto so much. You got to let go and let God. It’s my prayer that you surrender totally to God, that you lay down all the arms and be sold out to him. Sincerely,

Adobea (Imani)

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