The Negative Impact Words Spoken Over my Life Almost Had On Me.

Who are you that God is so mindful of? About a year ago, I was ironing my uniform for work, and I begun to ask the Lord a few questions about a particular season of my life. After I asked the questions, these were the answers that were embedded in my spirit. Have I ever forsaken you? When have you ever depended on any man for the breath you take? Have you ever asked for bread, and I gave you none?

Often, we fail to see the goodness of God in our lives. We tend to capitalize on the negative and forget about all the other 20 good things he has done for us. You are more than everything to God. You are precious and loved. Even in moments when you feel rejected, he wants you to know that he loves you deeply. If you have a profound revelation of God's love for you, it will destroy any root of rejection (Joyce Meyer).

Unfortunately, the accuser of the brethren will make you question your worth. Who is the accuser? The accuser, of course, is the devil, and he works through people. These people are often people close to you. Loved ones and immediate family. That is the sad truth.

In a particular season of my life, I was told I couldn't measure up to other women; if they counted women, I wasn't worthy of being counted among them. I was told I was not worthy to receive love because I did not fall into the women who are worthy to receive love. After hearing these things over and over again, I began to question my worth.

Unconsciously these words began to have an impact on my life. After I embarked on my transformation journey, I came across a book by Shannon Yvette titled worthy, which transformed my mind. I started digging into the word of God more, and I also embarked on the journey of knowing who I truly am in God. My freedom began with the renewal of my mind. God told me the opposite of what I was used to hearing.

I pray today for anyone who has suffered any verbal abuse that you do not pay attention to those words that were spoken over your life and don’t let the words seep into your soul. Know that you are precious and worth everything to God. Shalom

Adobea, (Imani)

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