The Power Of Consistency.

With my experience in life, I realize that consistency is a great attribute to have if you want to be successful in everything.

Consistency is the difference between failure and success. Consistency helps us measure appropriately. Let's take weight loss; for instance, if you embark on a weight loss journey and you throw in the towel in the middle of it, you can't measure if it worked or not. If you start a business and are not consistent in the way you run the company, you will give up before you know it because the business plan will not work, and that will be partly due to inconsistency.

Consistency is needed to pursue God and have a personal relationship with him. You have to find time to meet him at the secret place; you must be consistent in praying, reading the word, and fasting. You have to be consistent in waiting on him at the secret place to hear from him.

We need Consistency in relationships. On my journey to wholeness in this season of my life, one of the lessons I have learned is how consistent one ought to be in relationships. I realize that in relationships, how you start the relationship is how you finish it. You can't start and, in the middle of it, change the way you do things due to weariness.

Either partner can not pour out love because of what someone does; that's not love.

I have been talking about going into the new with a different mindset. Many relationships fail to thrive due to this very thing inconsistency; for me, I realize I have to be deliberate about this, not just in my relationships but in every area of my life.

When you have a job interview, they ask you about your weakness; they do that for a reason. For example, in any relationship I go into, My partner has to know from the get-go that this is a weakness I have so that his strength begins when this weakness shows up. It will save both parties a whole lot of turmoil. There won't be the need to start forming strongholds with unsubstantiated accusations and suspicions. Just a lesson learned and worth sharing.

We need Consistency in raising children. Children get confused if we are not consistent as adults. Consistency establishes reputation. If you say you are going to do something, you do it, I am fond of doing this with my kids, and they are not afraid to tell me. They usually tell me I should stop giving them false promises. Consistency, in a nutshell, makes you relevant.

Father, I pray that You will grace us with the ability to be consistent in all our endeavors in life. Help us, Lord, to be deliberate about this. Shalom

Adobea, (Imani)

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