Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Every season has an expiration date. Winter melts into spring, spring blossoms into summer. God changes times and seasons in our lives.

Nothing in this world is permanent. Not even your problems. It shall all pass.

My experiences in life indeed affirm that there are times and seasons. However, I want to encourage you to enjoy every season you are in, embrace every season, and make the best out of that season. That season will not stay forever. It will change. The unborn will be born; the young will grow, the aged will die, the poor will become rich, the rich will become poor. Do not give up in any particular season because of circumstances. Instead, embrace the lesson in that season And pursue your God-given destiny and purpose in every season.

Your time on earth surely matters. God made a perfect plan when he gave us times and seasons. Times and seasons will forever remain as long as the world remains.

Times and seasons are in God’s hands; he turns it as he wishes; we need to trust he knows when and what is best. We have some work to do here on earth because time is running out. The Bible tells us to redeem the times because the days are evil.

It is my prayer that we will redeem the times. That in every season, we will ask God to open our eyes to see what his perfect plan is for us in any particular season. Shalom.


Adobea (Imani)

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