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Total Victory

Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Adobea, affectionately known as Imani. I am a very happy wife. I am married to one of the most amazing men of God. After several seasons of my life, God has laid it heavily on my heart to be a Godly wife to my husband and a great mother. I am passionate about health and I have been fortunate to be given a career in that area, where many lives have been touched.

The keys to having a kingdom marriage have also been released and the mission is to be a voice to many. This is a mantra that has stemmed from several seasons. A quest for chasing after destiny and purpose also stemmed from these seasons.

In 2022, I was taken through the school of the spirit in preparation for what is to come. A blog page, a book club, and a book, destiny chaser, how I almost missed destiny and purpose came out of this season.

Buckle up and let’s make 2023 great. God told my husband that 2023 is our year of victory and I pray the same for all my loved ones, those who admire me secretly, and the many lives God is about to touch through this ministry. I have many certifications under my belt but Elohim is my source of power and strength. Grab my book, follow my blog page:, @journeytobecoming on Instagram, and most importantly, I want you to be a part of our zoom meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays @ FaithManFredrickGyasi Ministries.

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