What Is Destiny?

If you have been following me for a while, I am sure you know by now that I am passionate about destiny; there is a reason. I am so passionate about destiny because I almost missed it. My story about destiny is a testimony in itself.

So what is destiny? Destiny is what has been predetermined or pre-ordained; it is what has to happen, that which is meant to be, or that which God has firmly established. There is a place for the sovereign Will of God for our lives. God has written a book about us. God knows it all, he knows our end from the beginning Isaiah 46:10

Wow, did you know that you have a part to play in this? God chooses your destiny, but you decide its fulfillment. To fulfill destiny, you must make the right decisions and choices. Sometimes these decisions are tough to complete but have to be easy to make if you realize your circumstance or situation is molding you into someone other than who God has called you to be. You have to be careful who you allow wasting your time.

Sometimes you have to go through detours to get to the destination. God allows it to prepare you to get to the finish line. He uses all the detours to perfect his will for your life. Regardless of the route, be destiny-minded and fulfill it because you decide its fulfillment.



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