When There Is A Shift In Your Life.

Updated: Jan 21

I had a conversation recently with someone, and I told the person, wow, I can tell that I am going through a transformation. The things that triggered me in past seasons do not start me anymore. Sometimes it’s almost as if I have become somewhat foolish, but if foolishness is what it takes for me to walk in my calling and pursue destiny and purpose, so be it.

Part of walking in destiny and purpose is also to try and be more like our savior, which most of us lack as Christians. Our actions do not go with what we claim we believe in, we are in Christ, but we still hold on to our mean and treacherous ways. We are mean to other people, we show no mercy or grace to one another, we continue to be judgemental, and some of us have spiritual loftiness; spiritual loftiness is spiritual pride; we see ourselves better than other people.

For me, digging more into the word of God is opening my eyes to so many things that I pray God will open our eyes to see. I never knew that obedience is better than sacrifice is biblical until I studied a subject to write on. Did you know rebellion is also as sinful as witchcraft and stubbornness as bad as worshipping idols? there are so many mysteries in this journal we have that if our eyes were to open and if God granted us spiritual understanding, we would move and walk differently when we genuinely say we are followers of Christ

My prayer for us today is that God will grace us so that our lives will depict what we say we believe in; if we have been created in his image, then we ought to be more like him.



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