When you live with a partner who’s physically present but emotionally and spiritually unavailable.

I wonder how many homes model this kind of marriage? I have heard of many and witnessed them.

I call this behavior cruise control. This is when it will only take grace and willingness to seek Godly wisdom to save the relationship. This will come with willingness for the two parties involved to seek Godly help; Ego and pride do not come in; there is no proving of points; it is not a competition of who has to be correct. It takes wisdom to excel in marriage. I can’t stress how important it is to choose well.

During the courtship stage, be vigilant and observant; one of my sons will say watch and pray. Some questions to ask and things to observe are? Does this person let go quickly, are they easily angered, and do they extend grace? Are they argumentative? Do they strive to win in every argument? Are they emotionally unavailable during dating? Do they exemplify any Christlike characteristics as Christians? Those above and many more will be your saving grace when the storms arise. There will be no need to live in pretense because Christ will be at the center of the relationship. These days before I do anything, I ask my self will Christ do this? This and many other keys I believe will help me on this journey, so try it too.

When there is no communication when two people live together as roommates and technically Iive separate lives, that is not God's intention for marriage; this marriage model is a recipe for disaster.

I have heard stories of people modeling this to stay married, or do they do that for the children's sake? Who are you deceiving? That’s not a way to model marriage because the children know and see more than you can imagine. I urge everyone, married or single, to seek Godly wisdom in their relationships



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