Who Is A People Pleaser?

A people pleaser is considered helpful and kind. However, it goes beyond being kind and helpful

People pleasers will edit or alter words and behaviors for the sake of another person's feelings or reactions.

Dealing with people pleasers can be very challenging, especially in a relationship. Their words usually don’t match their actions. It matters what people think about them than anything else. They usually will put up a show for outsiders to see how good they are; outsiders do not find fault with these people. They know how to play the game well. Unfortunately, sooner or later, everyone comes to realize who they are

I found myself in a close relationship with a people pleaser, which frustrated me, this character trait. Eventually, I found the antidote. The antidote for me was to let them be themselves. You allow them to walk in their full manifestation of pleasing people. You give them a long rope to use and watch things unfold. My blog today encourages anyone who finds themselves amongst people-pleasers, let them be their unique selves. Don’t go explaining your side of any story. Let them walk in the full manifestation of who they are and watch things unfold.



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