Why I Take This God Thing Serious.

I started taking this God thing seriously in a particular season of my life where arm of flesh failed me.

Now, I tell my folks and friends that there was an apparent demonic invasion in life and my house. I was so spiritual blinded I could not see and hear anything, And I will joking add that I am so aware of the devices of the enemy that when I see it coming, I will tap my partner on the shoulder and say, they are at the door, if we don’t stay alert they will enter. We will then instruct them to go back a bit. I will slang the above statement with a joke in our Ghanaian language, which makes quite laughable.

Out of desperation, I told God to give me a sign that he is God indeed, and he did. I will not go into any details in this blog. I also asked him to remove anything from my life that does not allow me to glorify him and anything that moves me away from purpose and destiny. Last but not least, I pleaded with him to leave the 99 and come after me, and he did everything I asked.

He placed people in my life who uplifted, poured into me, and are still pouring into me. One of my mentors will say God uses people to help you become who he has destined you to be, and Satan also uses the same approach. Satan uses people to come into your life to destroy you. Satan comes to steal from you, destroy you and in the end, kill you. Ask for discernment from the Lord to know the difference between who is from God and who is not.

After all my answered prayers, I knew there was something better to Chanel my time and energy in. I decided to pursue him more and know him more. I decided to allow him to fill those spaces and voids in me. I know there is a God. The joy and peace he gives are unimaginable. Still on the journey, but so far it has been a great one. If you don’t know God, willingly invite him to come into your life, I said yesterday that God has given us all free will; he doesn’t impose himself on us until we invite him in. The assurance he gives even through trials is one to behold. Shalom

Adobea, (Imani).

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