Women, Rise Up

Today is international women's day, and I am dedicating this blog to women. The title of my blog is women rise up. Not long ago, I blogged on Girl, get up, you worth is nonnegotiable

Women have so much in them more than they can imagine. I have been through several seasons of my life, and I did not allow certain circumstances to veer me, of course. Some of my friends and family ask me how I am able to bounce back and do what I do. I interviewed with a dear sister a year ago, and I gave a brief insight into who Adobea is and my drive.

Now I go with the famous saying of Sarah Jakes Roberts, I will lift my bruised heel anytime and crush the serpent’s head anytime and any day. Once you have a purpose and vision in life, nothing moves you. I want to encourage all women to have a purpose and vision in life. Know who you are in the Lord first.



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