You Have Come Too Far.

“Everything that God permits in our lives are for our good even if it doesn’t feel good at times ” Joyce Meyer. Today's blog was inspired by my devotion and what it spoke to me about.

We have all gone through trials in this life; some are going through it, some have gone through it, some have either sulked into the disaster of the problems or have overcome it. I hope that anyone who has sulked into the catastrophes of the trial will today analyze how far they have come.

You have come too far to sulk into the disaster. Life is too precious to live in misery. Do not force what is not meant to be; gather your loins and do life with boldness and faith. If you did it without God being in the center of it, please do it with him this time. He is the only answer we have. I am so passionate about this God thing because I have tried it the other ways. I tried it my way, the society way, the ghetto way, you name it, it almost cost me, my soul.

Peter tells us not to be surprised by the test we have to endure because God test our character in the process. I went through a season of my life that I didn't know I had certain traits; guess what? I thank God that I recognized that if these character traits were not dealt with, it would cost me my destiny. It became a good thing because I could never have gotten to where I am today if I didn't recognize where I was.

In conclusion, no matter what life has thrown at you or is throwing at you, you have come too far not to glean into the lessons of the trials and continue to evolve into the best version of yourself. I am the epitome of not letting my scars sulk me the other way. My testimony is beautiful, and I am forever grateful that God left the 99 and came after me; he gave me purpose in my pain, and now I see the scars and pain as beautiful.

Father grant anyone reading this blog, going through trials and at the wit's end, not knowing what to do, help them glean into the lessons of their pain so that they can evolve into who you called them to be. Shalom.

Adobea (Imani)

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