You Were Made For More.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

You were made for more. Don’t settle for less. You were made to evolve daily. Don’t let anything hold you back. A friend sent me a write-up on a Pastor in Maryland who had some complications while in the hospital; he pretty much had an out-of-body experience. In this write-up, he stated he had a conversation with God. Something he said blew my mind; God told him to share his testimony and stop being a Pastor because he, God, is not in 90 percent of churches; if he shared his testimony through writing a book or a movie, he could not benefit a dime from the proceeds.

I can not even stress how important it is to find God for yourselves in these end times. You got to have a personal relationship with him; going to church alone will not suffice. It’s in doing this that you find yourself, who you are, who He created you to be, how worthy you are and how you are made for more. If you come to this, nothing will phase you Anymore.

I haven‘t had an out-of-body experience, but I just know I was made for more, and all of us are made for more. For me, part of my ministry is what I have been through. I haven’t arrived but am glad that I have availed myself to be used, and there is nothing more fulfilling than that.

Lately, I am woken up between 3 and 4 am every day, it’s been like clockwork for some time now, and that is when I do most of my blogging. As stated in one of my blogs, a friend passed away recently, which truly gave me a kind of awakening I had not experienced before. I was shocked beyond imagination, and I asked God many questions. I still don’t have the answers, not even one.

Life will sometimes throw things at you, but you have to find the lesson in those circumstances. You have to find the beauty that can emerge from those circumstances. It would be best if you evolved daily.

It got to a time in my life when I had to make some hard decisions, decisions that everything in me, around me, and on me that prevents me from evolving into who God has called me to be must go. I realized I was made for me. There are some things you wouldn’t know you have in you until you are placed in situations that bring it out of you.

Father, please help us to find who we are and to know that we are made for more and to let everything around us, in us, and on us that does not glorify you go. Shalom.

This video below blessed me so much, and I hope it blesses someone too.

Adobea, (Imani)

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